How to download WhatsApp status from File manager

How to download WhatsApp status from File manager:

. View WhatsApp Status in File Explorer (Android)
  1. Open any File Explorer app on your phone. …
  2. In the Files app from Google, tap on the three-bar to open the menu. …
  3. Enable the toggle next to Show hidden files. …
  4. Launch WhatsApp and open the status that you want to download.

Click on the three dots on the upper corner of the screen and select Settings. Under File Management, make sure that the “Show hidden system files” option is enabled. Then, return to the Internal Storage. Locate and click on the WhatsApp folder.

Using Total Commander (or your file manager of choice), go to “/storage/emulated/0″ (aka ‘Internal shared storage”), then navigate to “/WhatsApp/Media/. Statuses/.” Here you’ll see all the Statuses posted by your friends that are stored on your phone like other WhatsApp images.



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